5 Ways to Sleep Well at Night

One of the commonest problems that people face nowadays is that of insomnia and related sleeping problems. In the days before technology took over our lives and schedules were not so hectic; people had a healthy rhythm in their lives. As a result, they got a healthy amount of sound sleep every night.

ways to sleep well

However, this has become rare nowadays, especially in urban areas. But, if one does not ensure that they get the requisite amount of sleep for too long, it can take a severe toll on both their physical and mental health. Realizing this, people should take careful measures to prevent the same.

Some of the best measures are discussed below.

#1. Stay Aligned with Your Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm or sleep cycle is the natural, cyclical, and periodic process that regulates the sleep and wake patterns of the body. We often engage in practices that mess up this cycle. This results in sleepiness in the day and wakefulness at night. However, there are ways we can ensure that we stick to the rhythm.

For example, by exposing ourselves to bright light, preferably sunlight, during the day and sleeping in darkness at night, we can mimic the natural light cycle and keep our bodies on track.

It is especially important to avoid any kind of blue light after sundown. You can do this by using blue light filters or orange screens on TVs, computers, and phones.

Moreover, you should get 8 hours of sleep every night and avoid naps during the day. You should also keep your sleep and wake times consistent, even on weekends.

#2. Keep the Couple Hours Before Bedtime Free

It is extremely important that you do not engage in any activity that promotes wakefulness right before you go to sleep. Keep a couple of hours before going to bed free for relaxation or some light activity that calms your mind.

Avoid using your phone during this time not just to avoid light stimulation but also so that you do not find anything that will bother and worry you and keep you up at night.

Nevertheless, make it a point to complete all your work before this period as straining your focus just before bedtime can keep your mind active for long afterward. Even if there is something that is bothering you, it is best that you find a way to keep your mind off it or make a resolution to get to it first thing in the morning.

#3. Create the Proper Bedroom Environment

The right sleeping environment is essential to not only ensure that you get the right amount of uninterrupted sleep but also that the quality of the sleep is good.

The environmental factors responsible in this regard are ambient light, noise, and temperature. Too much light, background noise, and the wrong temperature can seriously interfere with and affect your sleep.

Ensure that your phone, clock, or other devices do not produce unnecessary light or sound. Also, use a comfortable mattress and pillows; the wrong types can cause pain and discomfort and disrupt your sleep.

#4. Avoid Consumption or Exercise Too Late

Just as mental stimulation before sleep can cause you to not be able to sleep well, the same happens with physical stimulation too. Exercising too late in the day can fire up your body and keep your energy up even after bedtime.

Caffeine and alcohol act as stimulants too. Taking either late in the evening will affect your sleep cycle and disturb your circadian rhythm.

Moreover, a heavy meal after the afternoon also causes bad sleep. This is because digestion takes 6-8 hours to complete, and even more for heavier meals. This diverts energy and makes you fatigued when you are awake.

But when you go to sleep, your body becomes charged with energy from the digested food and becomes active instead of settling down.

#5. Use Relaxation Techniques

If you have naturally light sleep and it is causing you trouble, you can take the help of several relaxation techniques to help you sleep. There are quite a few breathing exercises that promote sleep.

You can also try meditation and yoga meant for good sleep. Relaxing lullabies are another good way to help you sleep.

Besides that, a hot shower, essential oils, and sleeping rituals are some other ways you can try to help you get into sleep mode. You will find lots of tips and techniques on this issue on our blog. Choose the one that suits you best.

To Conclude,

These are the best 5 proven ways to help you sleep well at night. However, if the trouble still sustains, there might be an underlying issue like a sleeping disorder or a mental illness.

You should then think about seeing a doctor to help you identify the issue and prescribe you a proper treatment plant for the same.

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