With hemp as a solid foundation, we began formulating a line of dietary supplements. The next question was how to improve upon this significant consensus building block. Our panel of experts determined no need to reinvent the wheel. There are numerous traditional supplements, which are well received, supported by clinical studies for specific concerns. Common sense told us the combination of popular supplement ingredients together with hemp would result in a win-win.

Hemp oil

Success in the formulation aspects were just the first of our goals. We followed up with strict standards of purity, quality ingredients, which were consistent. We look forward to expanding our line based upon analysis of markets and trends.
We believe that achieving healthcare goals is not simply a dietary task rather multi-faceted. Nutrition is but one aspect, requiring unification of mind, body & soul. They are all interrelated as physical, biological and mental affect each other in more ways than one can imagine.

Our mission at ‘Okahai is to become your trusted source for wellness products supported by extensive unbiased information. We believe in extensive education of our customers. We understand that trust is earned, and we attempt to do so with clear, non-technical explanations. True knowledge is power.

There is a litany of information and resources just about anywhere you look. Unfortunately, trying to decipher fact from fiction can be a daunting task for non-professionals. By simplifying the materials, we make product decisions for yourself and loved ones less overwhelming. Have questions or input? We are here to educate and learn as well.

We are here to offer the assistance with serenity, stability, and calmness. We welcome you all with the spirit of Aloha into the ‘Okahai community.