Don’t Just Take Our Word…
Trust the Natural Benefits of Alternate Healing

At ‘Okahai we believe that natural herbs have the power to assist in mental wellness while possessing the bonus of physical benefits as well. Our trust in the power of natural healing combined with life changing ingredients helped us create unique and effective blends for you.

'Okahai More Than Just a Healthcare Brand.
We’re a Lifestyle Designed For a ‘Happier, Healthier You’ 

  • Prepared from 100% Natural Ingredients

'Okahai uses 100% safe herbs and extracts derived from natural sources. We don’t use chemical synthetics to manufacture our products or supplements.

'OKAHAI ingredients

  • Blended Supplements

Our formulations blend the curative and healing powers of several natural herbs. This ensures you don’t have to keep taking different supplements all day long.
Just one supplement is enough for managing your stress levels, keeping calm and happy, so you are able to do more in life.

  • Backed by Scientific & Clinical Research

All our products and compositions are clinically tried and tested for efficacy and are safe to consume. The herbal ingredients have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 1500s and knowledge of their benefits has been passed on from generations.

  • Formulated for Modern Lifestyle Issues

We know how stressful and busy modern life can get. You have work to do, you don’t get enough sleep and feel tired all day long. We don’t confuse you with a never-ending list of supplements to consume. We create effective products suitable for modern lifestyle issues that you can add to your daily ritual without any trouble.

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